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Shopping Around Might Make Data Migration an Easier Process

By Michael
April 7, 2015

The cloud, data tapes and traditional storage are all jockeying for pole position in the world of data loss prevention and data migration. With so many options, it may seem easier to just pick one and worry about the consequences later. However, that’s not quite what many industry leaders recommend.

Choosing the right provider may be an easier prospect if you date around, so to speak, according to Data Center Knowledge. By trying out different services and trying not to choose specific ones until absolutely necessary, it becomes much easier to learn the ins and outs of different companies’ expectations, finding better long-term decisions eventually.

By keeping relatively open in the process of using the cloud, it’s easier for IT leaders to know exactly what they want and need. Short-term contracts prevent the honeymoon period from drawing out into a frustrating, no-end-in-sight situation, and allow for movement when necessary. By getting a better chance to pick and choose important services, it becomes much more fulfilling to determine best options moving forward.

Perhaps the best measure of success, however, is that businesses can use multiple services depending on what they prefer to see in their industries. For businesses that prefer on-premises options like data tapes, they don’t need to eschew their favorite services. At the same time, it’s a lot easier to determine whether alternative or additional options are even necessary. In some cases, the cloud might not be all it’s cracked up to be, making the shopping prospects of the industry that much easier to deal with.

Finding best data protection practices
Of course, even trying to determine best options in different industries might be a tall order, The Register noted. Depending on the size, infrastructure and needs of the average company, the developments necessary to achieve better success will vary wildly, leaving IT leaders to determine the best plans of attack.

A number of different resources need to be considered, the news source added. The frequency of backups is just the beginning. The intricacies of different websites, the ways data is stored and transported, the services implemented and the services hired to support the network itself all require examination¬†in their own ways. From here, it’s easier to determine what needs to be put in place, but still requires a keen eye on the industry and how it’s expected to operate in future years.

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