Features and Benefits of ClearPath Solutions

Reduce Risk of Losing Human Resources

ClearPath knowledge is decreasing, but your ClearPath is critical to your organization. Make sure that your ClearPath runs without issue using less resources. Our software will automate most support tasks such as physical and virtual tape management, job scheduling, backup, and source control.

Automated, Standardized Workflow Processes

ClearPath systems run like clockwork when managed properly. Our physical and virtual tape management, job scheduling, and backup software make sure that your ClearPath is running what it should, when it should. No personnel needed. If there is an issue we’ll make sure the software texts, emails, or calls the appropriate person.

Automated Benefits Tape Tracking

Trusted ClearPath Software for Over 40 Years

Whether it’s physical or virtual tape management, job scheduling, backup software, or source control, no other vendor has been around as long as B&L. Our products and services provide management, assurance, and reliability to your scheduling, data, and source control procedures for lower costs, increased reliability, and reduced downtime.

Quickly Respond to Internal ClearPath Issues

Creating an audit trail is an inherent aspect of the ClearPath. All of B&L products use this knowledge as well as our own internal tracking to be able to monitor, report, and take action on all support needs, whether it’s physical or virtual tape management, job scheduling, backup, or source control.

Mitigate Compliance and Legal Risks of Backup and Archived Tapes

All B&L Products create a central view for easy administration and reporting. For example, you can view all backup jobs in BL/PACK, all active jobs in BL/SCHED, or all tape moves and exports in BL/LIB. Should you wish to integrate your ClearPath with other platforms on your network, Vertices and SQLSched integrate all of your sources for a global view, making both management and audit compliance simpler.

About ClearPath Solutions

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