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Data Loss Prevention Important in Light of Potential Pitfalls

By Michael
April 13, 2015

Data loss prevention is a vital aspect of any business, but far too often, locations are lax in their efforts to ensure production safety. That goes for both businesses and workers Рrecent reports indicate attitudes need to change in the marketplace.

A single minute wasted can cost a business at least $5,600 in damages, if not more, Networks Asia reported. Citing a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, that’s just the beginning of data safety woes. The institute found that the average data breach can cost businesses just under $200 per record lost, which adds up quickly – a single breach can cause as much as $5.85 million in total losses, and unplanned downtime costs nearly $1 billion each year in some locations.

At the same time, businesses are too far behind in many circumstances to improve these results. About 87 percent of businesses said they’re behind the curve when it comes to data protection maturity, while more than 7 of every 10 businesses aren’t fully confident they can restore their data.

Of course, those issues lie with individuals, not just companies as a whole. Global attitudes suggest that it’s simply not necessary to do a regular backup. Globally, 36 percent of people feel they don’t need to back up data, Avast Software found. Many believe this is because their data isn’t very valuable or worthwhile enough to meet these needs. Almost 25 percent of these people noted their laziness is their driving reason to not back up their information, which is a major issue in the marketplace when it comes to massive data loss.

B&L Associates can make these practices much easier, alleviating much of the stress found in the industry. Data tapes, in particular, can make backup needs much simpler, and B&L provides the exact services in this light that can make users happy to back up information instead of frustrated.

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