Since 1975, B&L Associates has been designing and implementing innovative data center software solutions that simplify tape management, job scheduling, and report distribution for both legacy and open environments.  Due to our experience and expertise in the industry, we are recognized as the world leader in automation for the Unisys Clearpath™ marketplace.  We also provide the industry leading backup tape management solutions, which help companies of all sizes move, store and protect their backup and archival tapes.

The Leader In Innovative Data Management Solutions

B&L Associates focuses on providing companies with the solutions they need in order to be efficient in the data center. Our range of solutions enable companies to guarantee data security and satisfy audit and compliance.

We understand the risks and costs associated with manually managing sensitive information, so we help companies implement automated processes for safeguarding sensitive data.  By standardizing and automating processes using our solutions, companies reap the benefits of lowering overall costs and eliminating risk.

B&L was built on the idea of partnering with customers to provide reliable software, service and support for the management of their offline assets. Today, B&L has a client base that spans more than 26 countries around the world.