What is Archived Data Manager

Streamlined access to archived data reduces operational costs

Organizations that are migrating from, consolidating, or retiring old versions of backup software require an efficient way to store and access decommissioned catalogs for auditing, ediscovery and archive recovery purposes without incurring the costs associated with maintaining old servers and storing disparate catalogs.

Archived Data Manager is a cloud based software solution that automates consolidation of backup catalogs from any vendor into a single repository, reducing the costs of retaining multiple catalogs while providing easy access to information for e-discovery, audit, recovery and expiration purposes.

In today’s “big data” world, Archived Data Manager eases the burden of managing and maintaining archived data to solve the following issues:


  • Unable to determine when backup catalogs need to be retired/ destroyed
  • Inability to access backup catalogs could result in violation of e-discovery requirements


  • Backup catalogs consume excess physical resources (servers, storage)
  • Backup catalogs from various vendors are incompatible, requiring individual servers, storage

Recovery & Asset Location

  • Unable to determine when tapes can be reclaimed/ reused
  • Difficult to access decommissioned backup catalogs = slow recovery efforts

About Archived Data Manager

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