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Comprehensive Backup Tape Management: Manage Your Entire Organization’s Backup Tapes Through A Single Pane of Glass

Organizations that lack an automated method for managing backup tapes are at risk of misplacing their tapes, not satisfying audit and recovery responsibilities, and over spending on offsite storage fees.

Vertices is a comprehensive, policy based tape management software solution that automates the tracking, locating, auditing and reporting on all backup tapes across your enterprise to the offsite storage vendor through a centralized, easy-to-use application.

Vertices automatically interfaces with leading backup applications including Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec, IBM TSM, EMC Legato, CommVault and many other vendors. Plus, you can even log mainframe tapes from your BL/LIB, CA-1 or RMM systems. This allows you to have a global view of your entire backup tape infrastructure. Whatsmore, automatic syncing with your offsite vendor ensures end-to-end chain of custody management and allows for quick asset location.

Vertices customers have improved backup tape management efficiencies, reducing risk and significantly lowering operational costs by 35% or more.

Can Your Organization Benefit by Implementing Vertices

We’ve listed 10 simple questions to ask yourself when deciding to invest in a backup tape management solution. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then Vertices could be the backup tape management solution you’ve been looking for.

1. Does your organization manually track all offline backup tape media?

It’s easy to lose control over backup tapes when you must handle multiple servers, multiple sites, and diverse backup applications. Luckily, we make backup tape management effortless. Vertices or VaultLedger is perfect if you need:

  • Policy-based movement of tapes
  • Automatically capture tape information from backup applications and legacy tape management systems
  • Create and print complete audit reports to satisfy HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliancy requirements
  • Centralize the management of multiple vaults and data centers
  • Search for tapes via server, data set, or backup image
  • Customize security views and privileges
  • Quickly verify tape movements via bar-code scanning

Please review our tape management product comparison chart to learn more about the difference between our products.

2. Is your organization challenged to track tape media when it moves to an offsite vendor?

Most enterprises rotate their disaster-recovery backups to safe offsite facilities. The rotation schemes vary depending on backup timing (daily, end-of-month, end-of-year, etc.) and backup type (full, incremental, etc.). Our backup tape management software provides exceptional data recovery protection, handling whatever rotation scheme you devise. It even tells you exactly when and where to move your media.

3. How quickly can offline tape assets be located for file recovery?

When your backup application requires backup tapes for recovery, you must be able to locate that backup tape at a moment’s notice. The Vertices and VaultLedger tape management systems can tell you immediately where to find any tape that it tracks.

4. Have you ever mounted backup tapes selected for recovery only to discover that the contents are outdated, incorrect, or marked "scratch"?

You may think all your backups completed successfully, only to find during disaster recovery that you’ve been storing the wrong media or rotating damaged media. The Vertices and VaultLedger backup tape management systems keep track of media usage, verifies media contents, and-when integrated with your backup application-notifies you when backups are not completed successfully.

5. Is your organization subject to regulatory compliance and audits of archived data?

With regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, many companies are required by law to save data for up to three to seven years, depending on industry type. If you must store financial data, emails, business transactions, or other data, for lengthy periods, you need a tape management system that guards against accidental or premature overwrites. The Vertices and VaultLedger backup tape management systems have redundant systems built-in to prevent any loss of data.

6. Have operators ever written over a backup tape prematurely, losing valuable data in the process?

With the volume of media being produced, accidents will happen. Backup tapes that are reused prematurely render its original data useless. The Vertices and VaultLedger backup tape management systems tape management system has purge-protection safeguards that prevent such accidental re-use.

7. Do you need to automate the process to reconcile backup tape inventory?

Most data centers periodically reconcile backup tape inventory to make sure the tapes exist and that they reside in the correct location. At larger companies, both internal and external auditors perform these tape audits. The Vertices and VaultLedger backup tape management systems have a simple, easy-to-use facility for reconciling physical inventory with the media-tracking database. And with the optional bar code scanning module, the reconciliation can be done quickly and easily.

8. Are you challenged to keep track of older backup tapes?

Most backup applications process so many files that the database grows to unmanageable proportions and must be decreased in size on a continuing basis. But during such maintenance you may lose the ability to track older (yet unexpired) media. The Vertices and VaultLedger backup tape management systems keep all information secure, thus protecting all your media, regardless of their age or retention periods.

9. Is it difficult to track backup tapes with backups from multiple servers?

New tape technology, such as LTO, allows a single tape to contain data from many different servers. This is especially true when one master server backs up other servers and/or desktops. Vertices and VaultLedger tape management systems easily handle the records for such “stacked” media, so you can keep track of server backups written to a single tape.

10. Do you struggle with managing backup tapes from multiple backup applications, across multiple sites?

With many servers, many sites, and diverse backup applications, it is difficult to administer and control the backup process. The Vertices and VaultLedger tape management systems helps you manage those resources by giving you access to all your backup tapes in a single, easy-to-use application.

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