Tape Management Overview

Watch a two minute introduction to our backup tape management solutions.

Centralized Backup Tape Management: Improve Efficiencies, Lower Costs, and Reduce Risk


Improve Efficiencies: The Vertices® and VaultLedger® software solutions automate the entire backup tape management workflow. With automated methods for managing backup tapes, companies can deliver accurate and defensible centralizing tracking reports, and easily locate tapes for audits and recovery.

Lower Costs: With Vertices and VaultLedger, you save time locating and administering backup tapes, thereby lowering overall administrative costs. Avoid overspending on offsite storage fees while confidently recycling backup tapes when data has expired.

Reduce Risk: The lack of an automated, centralized workflow management for tracking, locating and reporting on backup tapes can put an organization at risk for security breaches, compliance violations and inability to restore data.

Manage Your Tapes Like You (should) Manage Your Money


If you’re debating whether you still need a backup tape management solution when you’re already using a solution provided by your offsite vendor, such as Iron Mountain’s SecureSync®, consider managing your backup tapes the way you manage your money.

SecureSync is similar to an online banking product provided by your bank. Even though you go and consult your online bank statement to see what transactions have been recorded, you still use your own checkbook or personal financial management software like Quicken® to verify accuracy and real time changes to your bank account. B&L’s tape management solutions will act as your Quicken, clearly identifying discrepancies between your system and the offsite vault’s and allowing you to reconcile them with ease. In addition, all changes and transactions that are made are recorded for corporate regulation and audit compliance.

Which Tape Management Solution Is Best for You?

Ideal for any size company managing hundreds to millions of backup tapes 

  • Manages tapes at multiple vaults and multiple data centers
  • Input tape information via keyboard, connected scanner, remote scanner, TMS report (BL/LIB, CA-1, RMM, Symantec Vault, etc.), or integration with backup applications (NetBackup, Backup Exec, NetWorker, etc.)
  • Container and slot management
  • Lookup tape history and tape information via serial number, generation, data section, server and more


Ideal for small to mid–size companies managing backup tapes between two locations

  • Manages tapes moving from one onsite location to one offsite location
  • Input tape information via keyboard, connected scanner, remote scanner, or TMS report (BL/LIB, CA-1, RMM, Symantec Vault, etc.)
  • Container management
  • Lookup tape history via serial number
  • Can be hosted or installed locally