Features and Benefits of Tape Management

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Unprecedented Accuracy Across the Enterprise

With the Vertices and VaultLedger Tape Management Systems, you’ll always know exactly where your backup tapes are located, resulting in the most effective and efficient tape tracking processes.

  • Automation, barcode scanning, legacy logging and new RFID capabilities remove human error from the tape management process
  • Inventory and vault management takes less time and is more accurate
  • Audit reports are produced with a simple click of the mouse
  • Retention control and FTP capabilities keep information uniform and always up-to-date throughout your enterprise

Stringent Adherence to Compliancy Regulation

Vertices and VaultLedger make complying with government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, as well as internal requirements, less time consuming and more efficient.

  • Easily track, locate and protect data
  • Instantly audit transactions performed against its database
  • Receive superior data recovery protection
  • Create detailed tape audit reports with a few clicks of the mouse
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So Secure that It's Like Fort Knox for Your Data

There is nothing B&L Associates takes more seriously than the security of your data. Vertices and VaultLedger keep your information safe and prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

  • Two-tiered security system allows for specific, role-based profiles, so people see only the information relevant to their security level
  • Email alerts inform you when a tape has reached any of a number of usage thresholds, virtually eliminating the security risk of using over-used media
  • Superior purge and data recovery protection ensures you’ll never accidentally lose another important piece of data again

Faster, Better and Less Expensive Backup Tape Management

With the Vertices and VaultLedger tape management system, tape tracking tasks that once took days takes hours, and what once took hours takes seconds.

  • New web-based functionality allows you to track, manage, protect and locate your tapes from virtually any computer with an Internet connection
  • Automation, label generation, RFID and bar code scanning dramatically speed up the entire process and ensures 100% accuracy
  • All of your media is now centrally controlled for easy access
  • Generating any of the variety of detailed audit and other customizable reports Vertices comes with only takes a few clicks of the mouse
  • Comprehensive vault and inventory management, as well as virtual media storage, ensures you’ll never lose another tape, and you’ll be able to use the tapes you do have to their maximum efficiency
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Our Backup Tape Management Systems Adapt to How You Do Business

The Vertices and VaultLedger Tape Management Systems were designed from the start to be flexible and adapt to different operating environments seamlessly. That’s why you can choose only those Modules that best suits the tape tracking strategy for your business environment.

  • The Automation Module handles the most complex retention schedules with ease
  • Our wireless scanner allows you to rapidly perform reconciliations on-site or off
  • Instantly leave memos and comments at any level of the system
  • Access 24/7/365 from virtually any computer with Internet access
  • Our backup tape management systems grow with you—easily adapts from LANs to WANs and SANs

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