Why Choose ClearPath Solutions

Reduce Downtime and Risk while Increasing Reliability for Total ClearPath Assurance

As the knowledge base for ClearPath resources decreases it becomes increasingly valuable to make sure that your partner has been part of the the Unisys ecosphere for over 40 years. For physical and virtual tape management, job scheduling, and source control, B&L has your needs covered.

Our software BL/LIB, makes sure that all physical and virtual tapes are managed properly. Looking for a tape management solution for your entire organization? Vertices will track not only ClearPath tapes but all physical and virtual tapes created globally from any platform or source.

BL/SCHED is job scheduling and monitoring software that’s tried and true for one or more ClearPath servers in a number of different environments. If you would like to schedule jobs for other platforms, like Windows and UNIX, our software manages and monitors jobs for heterogeneous platforms (including ClearPath), logging all information in a centralized data store. For easier acceptance throughout the organization, BL/SCHED can be installed on a Windows server using SQL with web-based access.

BL/PACK is backup software designed for the ClearPath. Using file level backup philosophy, BL/PACK makes administration and retention easier than any other ClearPath backup solution. It also integrates seamlessly with BL/LIB or Vertices for easy tracking and management of physical or virtual backup media.

BL/SOURCE is for ClearPath organizations that need to manage their own source code. BL/SOURCE can help you track and manage all code and WFL changes, whether your code base is developed in-house or provided by your solution vendor. BL/SOURCE comprehensive reporting provides all you need to meet audit and compliance requirements. Using separation of duties, BL/SOURCE provides discrete local testing, staging, and release of code changes.

Looking for help with your ClearPath? Whether it’s installations, management, or a one-off project, B&L is here to help. We’ve known our way around the ClearPath when the ClearPath was known as the Burroughs B6800!

Key Reasons to Choose B&L:

  • Fully Automated Software
  • Trusted amongst ClearPath community for over 40 years
  • B&L Software will run on the ClearPath or integrate with it— it’s your choice
  • Reduces the risk of operational issues
  • Removes potential for human errors
  • Lowers administrative costs

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