Vertices Overview

Watch a two minute introduction to our backup tape management solution, Vertices, and manage all your backup tapes efficiently and securely.

Automates backup tape inventory tracking process

Removes potential human error
Lowers administrative (manual tracking) costs

Ensures all tapes are accounted for & in proper location

Reduces risk of tapes being misplaced or lost
Facilitates quick identification and retrieval of tapes

Provides centralized tracking reports across entire enterprise

Enables quick, defensible audit response

Alerts when data on tapes are ready for expiration

Reduce costs of storing expired backup tapes

Alerts when backup tapes are at end of lifecycle

Eliminates risk of overusing tape

Download and View an Interactive Demonstration of Vertices!


The demonstration covers key features within Vertices, such as:

  • Retention Management
  • Vault Management
  • Virtual Tape Handling
  • Audit Capabilities
  • Inventory Control
  • Scalability
  • Flexible Storage Methods
  • Much More!

About Vertices

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