Why Choose Archived Data Manager

Easily Access Legacy Backup Catalogs

Any backup manager knows the backup catalog is absolutely critical for recovery and archive management. Every bit of information about the backup, including the tape (or VTL) label, date and time of the backup, and what directories/files were backed up are contained in the catalog.

Therefore, when organizations are archiving data, migrating from or retiring old versions of backup software they require an efficient way to store and access legacy catalogs for auditing, ediscovery and archive recovery purposes. The lack of a centralized catalog may expose organizations to security risks, increased costs and inability to recover data.

Key Reasons to Choose ADM:

  • Centralizes the management of archived data across the enterprise
  • Patent pending technology “normalizes” catalogs from disparate vendors into single repository
  • Quickly exposes decision making criteria regarding backup catalog data
  • Safely expire, shorten, or extend archived tape data purge dates
  • Access to centralized catalog helps quickly locate data assets for ediscovery and recovery of archived data
  • Lowers costs of storing multiple catalogs on disparate servers
  • Reduces storage footprint of multiple backup catalogs, saving storage space

About Archived Data Manager

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