ClearPath Solutions Overview

Bring Unparalleled Cost-Savings to Your Data Center

B&L makes your datacenter more powerful, more compliant, and more cost effective than ever before.

  • Cut operating costs with true “lights-out” functionality
  • Cut media costs up to 90% with BL/LIB-Virtual TapeServer (VTS)
  • Cut compliancy costs with comprehensive report generation
  • Cut downtime costs with rapid disaster recovery solutions
  • Cut training costs with more intuitive systems

Let us work with you to make the management of your legacy systems more cost effective.

Leader in Automation for the Unisys Clearpath™ Marketplace

Lights Out Data Center

B&L Associates designs and implements innovative data center software solutions that simplify tape management, job scheduling, and report distribution for both legacy and open environments.  View our brochure.

ClearPath Solutions

BL/LIB   Total Enterprise-wide Media Management

BL/LIB gives you unprecedented control over your media. Real-time logging of tapes and reliable security features allows you to accurately monitor their usage and storage while preventing inadvertent purging.

BL/LIB Virtual TapeServer (VTS) – Enterprise Information Lifecycle Management

For even faster speeds and to reduce media costs up to 90%, there’s BL/LIB-VTS—a comprehensive media management system that combines the familiar methodology of traditional tape backups with the low cost and high data transfer rates of disk technology.

See how BL/LIB Virtual Tapeserver works!

BL/SOURCE   Effective Source Control and Change Management

BL/SOURCE provides comprehensive source control and change management so software production and augmentation can be easily traced and recreated through its entire life. In fact, every change is carefully annotated through all phases, not only revealing who made changes, but also who reviewed the changes and who released the changes into production—making regulatory compliance easier than ever.

BL/SCHED   Comprehensive Scheduling and Monitoring of Data Center Processes

With its Web-enabled interface and enterprise-wide scheduling capabilities, BL/SCHED makes job scheduling effortless and significantly more efficient. It’s no wonder that BL/SCHED is the industry’s leading job-scheduling software.

BL/PACK   Complete Data Backup and Recovery

Used in hundreds of Unisys A-Series sites (including many of Unisys’ own facilities), BL/PACK sets the industry standard for reliability, security and ease-of-use. And because BL/PACK is a file-based retention system, only the specific data you need is backed up—saving space and reducing costs.

BL/CHARGE   Resource Billing and Charge-back System

Provide your computer operations department with the tools necessary to fairly allocate the costs of data processing and related services.

BL/DIST   Report Distribution & Control System

Automatically distributes machines output to the correct person on the correct device.  Take the time, complexity and costs associated with managing the tremendous amount of machine output in your data center.

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