World Backup Day Tapes

Backup Tape Management Needs More Focus in Light of World Backup Day

By Michael
April 1, 2015

The world of IT recently recognized World Backup Day as a waking-up point for the industry’s needs. Most businesses will need to regularly update and implement new services, all the better to ensure they receive better attention over time. However, there are often issues and roadblocks that can have a negative effect on how these businesses back up their information. Experts say certain review strategies should be kept in mind.

Tape-based data backup is often thought of as a long-term solution, though many companies keep it in use as a backup service as well, IT Pro Portal reported. The service continually receives new attention as its cost-per-gigabtye of storage regularly drops, and new technologies are often added to improve its services further. The tapes are additionally stored off-site, which makes them safe from any disasters that can arise in the business world. This is increasingly making them a viable option for better long-term storage needs, helping the average company have less expensive services on hand at a moment’s notice.

In contrast, often-used strategies can be fallible. There’s no guarantee that cloud services, despite their cost savings, are forever viable for improvement, as power outages in storage locations could cause catastrophic downtime. Disk-based backups are also problematic as they are often slow to receive data.

Whatever the choice in mind, however, businesses should remain mindful of the issues in the marketplace, eWeek noted. Losing important data has sunk many a company, sometimes for good, and protection in place can lead to the resolution of some otherwise major errors.

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