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B&L solutions automate offline IT asset and tape tracking; lowering costs, reducing the risk of losing sensitive data and verifying the end-to-end chain of custody process. Customers across the globe, from Fortune 50 to mid-size enterprises, trust B&L solutions to improve operations and reduce risks associated with administering offline IT assets.


Offline IT Asset Management

  • Makes hard drive tracking easy
  • Manage hard drives and other assets prior to disposal securely and efficiently
  • Standardize operating procedures and create defensible audit trails

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Backup Tape Management

Backup Tape Management

  • Automates the backup tape tracking process
  • Makes certain all tapes are stored properly and drives down offsite storage costs
  • “Cradle to Grave” tracking for all tapes for easy locating and satisfying audit

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Backup Catalog Management

  • Patented technology provides a central view for searching all older backup catalogs
  • Directly extend or purge backup sets for easy administration
  • Simple, agentless loading of catalogs into a common format

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ClearPath Solutions

  • “Lights –Out” Data Center Automation
  • Products to make your data center more powerful, compliant, and cost effective
  • Reduce media costs up to 90% with BL/LIB- Virtual TapeServer (VTS)

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