Backup Seriously

Time for Companies to Take Backup Seriously

By Michael
January 28, 2015

In 2015, businesses and IT teams hope data loss can be eliminated once and for all. It’s a noble cause – but is it possible? Maybe, but it will require companies to take a hard look at their policies and acknowledge their shortcomings. Still, accidents happen and threats linger. The best way to prevent data loss is not to hope that it never happens, but to ensure that everything is adequately backed up.

Covering up the holes
The first thing IT departments should do is find out where their weaknesses are. named a few common holes in businesses’ data procedures, including poor employee training, negligence and outdated security protocols. In the first three months of 2014, human error was responsible for 93 percent of all reported data breaches. That’s an area that companies should be able to easily take care of internally.

These deficiencies are not only dangers for digital assets, they can also lead to failed audits, citations and fines. Reputations are at stake, as well – investors will be less likely to put their faith in a company that cannot protect itself from breaches and has no demonstrable policies for data loss.

Implementing a backup plan
Data loss prevention is the first step, but there will always be factors beyond the control of a business or IT team. For these cases, backup tapes are the best insurance. Partnered with a powerful tape management software system like AssetAware from B&L Associates, companies will be able to create, track, locate and call up data tapes when disaster strikes.

Any company that fails to see the importance of a solid backup tape platform is akin to folks who only take care of themselves when they get sick, Information Age pointed out. It does little good to react to a problem once it’s already happened. Rather, businesses should invest in data backup before any sign of trouble because if they wait for that threat to appear, it might be too late.

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