Backup Tapes

Tapes Still the Best Backup Method

By Michael
January 7, 2015

Online data storage through cloud technology was billed as the way to end physical data storage. But the past year proved that cloud-based storage is anything but foolproof. While cloud storage might be a useful aspect of an overarching data consolidation strategy, data tape management is still a necessary foundation for effective, compliant data backup.

With a solid backup tape management platform, IT departments will have the ability to track, update, secure and dispose of data tapes as necessary. These consolidated systems make it easy for a business to comply with audits and enable smoother operations. Most importantly, it means that in the event of a disaster, a company’s valuable storage will not be lost – in fact, it can be quickly and completely recovered.

Data security the main concern for IT teams
It should come as no surprise that the biggest concerns for IT departments are data security, mobile working and the cloud, as per a study from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, reported CIO. Industry officials listed information security and cloud computing as their top two IT concerns over the next 12 months. However, 92 percent of those surveyed felt they did not have sufficient resources to adequately address these issues. Moreover, in the next three to five years, cloud computing dropped to third place on IT leaders’ priorities.

What that means it IT departments are placing higher value on security than on cloud technology. Recent, high-profile hacks revealed holes in the cloud’s security and IT teams may move away from the technology in favor of safer data management systems.

That’s where backup tapes can play a major role. Combined with powerful tracking software, tapes are physical assets that can be safely stored and easily called upon to restore any lost data.

Backup tapes reduce downtime
Instances of data loss present a two-fold problem. First, there’s the issue of the data loss itself, but then there’s the problem of downtime while that data is restored. This idle time can be costly for any company and can even damage client relations if a product’s delivery is delayed due to a data loss event. In a recent example, Verizon’s cloud is down and could cause a 48-hour data outage, according to Forbes.

Backup tapes can stop the bleeding during such a disaster by providing a necessary stopgap until the data is back online. This ability reduces company downtime and allows work to continue as usual while IT works on a solution. Plus, the tapes are easy call upon and provide quick service.

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