Why backup tape management is so important to eDiscovery

By Michael
November 10, 2014

The threat of an internal attack today is just as significant as an external threat. As Infosec Institute showed, last year about one in every four data breaches was the result of an inside incident, be it from human error or intentional misuse. Without accountability solutions or backup tape management, recovering the details of these incidents for audit and eDiscovery could be difficult for firms.

A recent Intermedia report showed that this problem is being compounded by employee turnover and lack of access security. The research showed that almost 90 percent of exiting personnel keep their old internal passwords, while about half kept additional confidential corporate information. A similar percentage also continued logging into work accounts and sharing networks after leaving an organization.

From a data management point of view, this can be the recipe for disaster. For instance, Infosecurity announced that AT&T was just hit by an insider data breach, the second of its kind for the firm since June. Though the firm had created user privileges, there were no backup precautions in place to catch the insider leak.

The defining factor in how these organizations will be able to respond to eDiscovery inquiries lies in how they've chosen to partition their data. Instead of just setting up a sharing network or a cloud storage environment, companies should have backup tape tracking and archive solutions in place in order to expedite these processes.

B&L's Vertices can assist with recovering records rapidly, thereby ensuring accurate and speedy response to any information request. By using a central user interface with tiered permissions, it's also easy to set designated access management and eliminate many kinds of insider issues. Properly controlling offline assets in this way ensures that businesses never fail an audit or run into excessive legal fees, especially when dealing with data breaches or eDiscovery inquiries.

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