When It Comes to Storage Tiering, Money Is Everything

By Michael
October 4, 2011

If data storage were free, every bit and byte could be stored alike. All data could be considered part of a single high-priority tier, readily and speedily available at any given moment, until the end of time. But this scenario isn’t reality—nor would we want it to be. Storing masses of data in a single tier would become unmanageable for most businesses, not to mention present legal and security risks no business wants to deal with. Plus, storing all of that data—both low-value, inactive data and mission-critical, frequently used data—on the most expensive media would just be cost prohibitive. So what’s a business to do?

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  1. I have seen a couple small places go to a model like this. It seams to work good and finding data is a little better. But you have to plan it out…

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