Visualizing virtualized backup tape management success

By Michael
October 9, 2014

Combining different technologies is an easy way to improve the continuity and responsiveness of systems, as long as it’s done correctly. Using backup tape management as a solid basis for these implementations is the easiest way to ensure that these procedures go smoothly. In a world where compliance and continuity are increasingly important sticking points for businesses, having such a reliable resource is ideal for branching out into more virtualized, digital options.

Digitization demand
The challenge organizations face is that they may already have a strong backup tape storage solution in place. However, they may want to implement these solutions in a framework that’s more flexible for modern resources like cloud computing and mobile deployments. As Tech Target stated, virtualization and VMWare systems allow companies to move entire workloads from tapes to online operations, sharing content back and forth in order to keep up with the demands of modern information.

The trouble is, these services aren’t inherently tuned to keeping up with backup tape management demands. It’s up to companies to ensure that they’re taking the right steps, as mentioned before, to properly implement systems.

Prioritization problems
The reason for this disconnect, as Beta News stated, is that companies tend to put their backup options at the end of a long list of other operational priorities. The best way to overcome this is to use virtualization that also relies on direct attached storage. That way, the two systems can continually share content in a way that benefits active operations and backup tape management alike.

Such redundancy ensures that companies continue to remain compliant, no matter what. Beta News reported that companies can easily generate built-in secondary systems that make it impossible for server failures or online attacks to take down enterprise operations. A backup tape mode of management makes it possible to avoid catastrophes just by its very existence. Even in instances where third-party audits are taking place or external data recall is necessary, an attached backup tape solution can ensure consistency and timeliness of response.

Using B&L’s Vertices is the ideal way to invest in modern media tracking and oversight. Reducing risks and generating a fast, reliable means of retrieving critical data will assist with launching more virtualized, portable sharing solutions. Making sure that both systems are anchored in one another can further assist with generating a secure, redundant information life cycle that boasts better compliance and continuity.

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