Top 10 eDiscovery Resources

By Michael
October 6, 2009

If you read my blog regularly, you know that we spend a lot of time concentrating on eDiscovery issues and ways to stay compliant with eDiscovery. With Archived Data Manager (ADM) helping companies comply with eDiscovery regulations, it behooves us to stay on top of the latest issues.

Well, I thought I’d pass on my top 10 eDiscovery information resources I turn to on the Web. So without further ado (although those who like their ado, please feel free to add more…), I give my Top Ten eDiscovery Resources:

10. The Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Before you engage in a discussion about eDiscovery, it is best to understand what it is.

9. e-Discovery Insights

Written by an IT executive turned California e-Discovery attorney and consultant, the blog offers eDiscovery information particularly as it applies to California companies. However, he also offers great insight into the general topic of eDiscovery.


An aggregator of sorts for eDiscovery information, resources and news.

7. Rule26Blog

A great blog that provides insight into eDiscovery issues as well as the eDiscovery implication of new technology (e.g., Twitter).

6. Google Alerts

Yes, Google. With their Google alerts, I get all the latest information regarding eDiscovery sent right to my Inbox.

5. EDD Update

A joint project of Law Technology News and Legal Technology, this blog offer great information from a law technology perspective.


Not a site solely dedicated to eDiscovery, it does however provide valuable articles on how eDiscovery impacts the data center.

3. The Data Center Journal

Like, the Data Center Journal does not focus only on eDiscovery. However, it also provides great articles on how eDiscovery impacts the data center.

2. The Electronic Discovery Blog

A lawyer and electronic discovery consultant, W. Lawrence Wescott II is a senior consultant with Kahn Consulting, Inc., a firm specializing in the legal, compliance and policy issues of information technology and information management.

1. Christine Taylor’s Blog

Although not all her blogs concern eDiscovery, she provides an insightful blog aimed at storage professionals (rather than legal professionals) that is always on-target and provides invaluable information.

Sites to watch:

The Organization of Legal Professionals

This newly-formed organization of legal professionals aims to help create guidelines and standards for eDiscovery for legal professionals.

I’m always on the lookout for new sources of information about eDiscovery (and data center management, for that matter), so feel free to let me know about your favorite resources.

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