Supporting optimal data center performance requires backup tape management

By Michael
October 20, 2014

Modern data centers are growing exponentially fast as the files they’re meant to withstand¬†also pour in at increasingly dramatic speeds. At the same time, companies need to be able to properly provision this element of infrastructure so as to maintain meaningful use, even as big data pushes storage solutions to their limit.

Controlling content
A key part of handling this scenario is through scaling data centers in order to optimize management of resources. Backup tape solutions are ideal for housing huge reams of information for long periods of time at minimal cost, but even here, it takes the right kind of software and provisioning to get the best performance out of resources.

Computerworld stated that it’s important to establish a strong infrastructure for information, one that can handle tiering and various storage options in a solid framework. Such resources need to be able to stay fluid and flexible, as recovery and regular function alike will need to count on this one asset. While data centers may reside in different on-site and remote locations, they all have to be able to pull together and form a cohesive unit.

Backup tape management can help with capacity and storage control, as well as expediting the recovery process. The source noted that everything from retention and expiration, to application grouping and database administration, needs to happen in as streamlined a method as possible, necessitating a reliable yet durable infrastructure tool.

Channeling optimization
As Sys-Con pointed out, that means seeking out solutions that boost information efficiency and technological connectivity. In an optimal data center environment, companies can compress a huge volume of information in order to save space and computing cycles. At the same time, executing deduplication can also help with controlling costs and eliminating roadblocks to optimal data center operations.

The only thing is finding the proper framework in which to set these deployments. Backup tape management tools allow for depth and breadth of storage that’s hard to beat with any other tool. What’s more, this technology supports both on-site and remote implementation, creating a stronger disaster recovery landscape and promoting better performance throughout operations.

B&L’s Vertices can prove a huge help in trying to create and maintain governance over an increasingly diverse backup tape management deployment. With centralized control, companies can easily oversee tracking, recovery and auditing of information systems. What’s more, this tool helps companies save money while increasing compliance, allowing for optimal data center performance and a scalable environment.

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