Patent Approved Technology: Archived Data Manager

November 12, 2014

B&L Associates, Inc. is thrilled to have another patent approved for the technology used in its backup catalog management product, Archived Data Manager!  Archived Data Manager (ADM) utilizes patented technology to automate the consolidation of backup catalogs.

ADM saves you time, reduces your costs and helps you comply with government and industry regulations.  By removing archival data from your backup routine, you’ll experience a drastic reduction in your backup window. Plus, the efficiencies realized from centralizing your backup responsibilities significantly reduce your storage and maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of disparate backup systems and source applications. Moreover, dealing with regulatory requirements for archived data also becomes easier because all access and changes to the archived data is recorded and available for audits.

Perform Catalog Backups 90% Faster

Inactive data consumes an average of 60% of the catalog backup process. Archived Data Manager® (ADM) identifies inactive backup catalog data and enables users to migrate that data to an ADM-managed catalog archive.

By eliminating this archival data from the daily backup process, this new solution will result in faster and more manageable backups, uncluttered by inactive archival data. ADM provides a consolidated, searchable view of inactive backup catalogs, allowing customers to migrate from legacy backup formats and to prune backup catalogs of inactive and archival information.

Migrate Easier Than Ever Before

ADM removes many of the challenges normally associated with migrating from one backup application to another. Using its pending technology, ADM is able to quickly load a server’s backup catalog into the ADM database. The backup catalog can then be easily searched, restored and expired using ADM’s intuitive Web-based interface. Since the backup application is no longer needed to restore archived files, organizations are free to choose any vendor at any time.

Reduce costs and manage your backup catalogs easier with ADM.  Get a FREE trial of ADM or contact us to learn more!

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