New views on tape storage encourage cloud mingling

By Michael
July 30, 2014

Getting the most out of enterprise storage solutions is critical for corporations of all kinds. Considering that a lost file or improperly executed backup could create chaos in the data center, every action needs to be carefully considered and all software must be aligned to enterprise vision of what these tools are meant to achieve. When backup tape management is combined with cloud strategies, it’s easy to get the right kind of flexibility and accountability that organizations desire.

This is a particular sticking-point in the modern data center landscape, as more cloud computing options are being introduced on the business side of things. While some companies see these tools as ideal methods of increasing internal functionality, others may worry that they’re leaping into realms where information is always on and accessible. That may sound great to some employees, but it can leave backups vulnerable.

The Register reported that combining backup strategies to include magnetic tape storage and cloud computing assets provides a more protected and consistent enterprise experience. Placing all workloads in the cloud seems to be an increasingly popular approach to enterprise operations, but firms need to be sure that they’re diversifying their information portfolios by storing essential data in a different environment.

A tiered approach to backup tape management and cloud computing could be the best answers, the source continued. Providing a means of protecting assets in the cloud and in the physical data center ensures access to essential assets in one form or another, no matter what may happen to Internet connections or in-house devices.

B&L’s Vertices helps propel these ideas to success through ease of use and centralized data tracking. The software reduces storage costs through expedited response and expiration oversight, providing auditing, oversight and risk management options. Such a tool ensures that in-house services and backup tape solutions are always functioning properly so that organizations need only worry about their cloud inclusion.

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