Launch of B&L’s New Website!

August 11, 2014

We are happy to announce the launch of B&L’s new website!

Our primary goal when revamping our website was to make it easy for visitors to understand our company’s position in the industry as well as conveniently navigate through the site.  We have aimed to provide a place for our current customers, members of the industry, and prospective customers to come and learn about our company, our products and relevant industry news.

Be sure to check out:

  • We have updated our product pages to contain information that is less technical and more benefit oriented.  Visitors should quickly have a clear understanding of who we are, what our products can help them accomplish, and which solution would be right for them.
  • We made it easy for you to reach us!  While navigating through the site, you will notice an area for you to contact us on most pages.  At any point, you can ask for a demonstration, request more information, or schedule a webinar.   All free, of course!
  • We have updated our blog and made it easier to search for specific topics, relevant to your interests.  We regularly post on current events in the industry, advice on different elements of offline IT asset and media management, and much more!  We also have a news section, so between the two sections, we guarantee you will be able to find something that piques your interest.

Soon to make their way onto our site are some videos, both promotional and how to videos.  The how to videos will educate our current customers so they can utilize features within the products to optimize their operations.  The promotional videos will be beneficial to all visitors to learn about our products in a, let’s say, more entertaining manner than reading!  Make sure to check out our new website to learn more about offline IT asset and tape management and come back soon!


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