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IT Infrastructure Gets Tighter

By Michael
February 18, 2015

Federal agencies have taken on the task of consolidating their IT infrastructure and increase virtualization throughout, according to Fed Tech Magazine. To that end, backup tape management software could play a vital role. All of this data must have a reliable, stable backup – something more substantial than the cloud and more easily transported and accessed than disk. Tapes provide fill that need and the software need to consolidate and manage them is more powerful than ever.

Agencies take steps toward optimization
For government agencies, the stakes are often higher than in other organizations. Federal bodies often house important data that must be easily accessible and robustly insured, as they cannot afford any downtime. By consolidating their infrastructure, these agencies will more easily manage their IT assets.

“It’s a software-driven architecture,” ¬†Mark Bowker, a senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, told Fed Tech Magazine. “The goal is for IT to get to the point where provisioning and management are highly automated.”

In other words, agencies envision an IT strategy that doesn’t require a long list of middle men, data migration or mishandled assets. Additionally, they seek a backup strategy to match – one that provide immediate access to their data and can dependably provide an audit trail.

A backup software platform fit for the Feds
B&L Associates offers several solutions for organizations of any size to get a better handle on their data backup management. One such solution, Vertices, provides the user with the ability to manage tapes at multiple data centers or vaults and easily reference tape history and information. By using a program like this as the center of a backup tape strategy, agencies can automate the entire process and be free to focus on other aspects of their organization.

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