How hybrid systems help tape archive assets reach better effectiveness

By Michael
July 23, 2014

There’s a lot of information these days for businesses to try and deal with, and the variety of landscapes in which these documents need to be saved, accessed and recalled is not getting any easier, either. Taking these factors into account results in a resource environment that’s rife with duplicate assets, siloed information and problems that require revision and revisiting enterprise systems.

The presence of archive and backup tape management solutions can ensure a long-term oversight and insurance policy for corporations battling the big data tidal wave. While these tools offer ideal control of important enterprise resources, they are being combined with modern technology and cutting-edge solutions to increase their effectiveness.

Combining options
Computerworld stated that cloud gateways are making it easy to increase flexibility and agility of real-time assets, thereby providing better control of incoming information and increasing the viability of deduplication models. The source indicated that more cloud vendors are offering bigger portions of free cloud space to entice more live usage, while enhanced networks encourage additional tiering of big data assets.

That way, instead of shoving all incoming files into a massive sio, organizations can sort these resources methodically into the backup tape tools and archive oversight tapes where these assets belong. Files that are important just for the moment can stay in the cloud or in virtualized environments without risking security or continuity.

Looking for opportunities
Improving infrastructure with cloud solutions is an ideal option for companies that want to make more use of assets like social media and streaming solutions. These kinds of initiatives are being backed up by new methods of storing raw information and creating refined operations as well. With greater file oversight and control in backup tape tools, there’s greater chance for firms to improve their operations by combining their reliable tape assets with flexible, scalable cloud gateways.

This is part of the plan behind more storage structuring in the modern world, as Computer Weekly wrote. Traditional storage storage moves toward more object and image solutions, so too are tape assets becoming more flexible.

B&L’s Vertices assists with reaching these standards of excellence as well. Its centralized tracking options and risk reduction tools ensure a means of promoting more fluidity in the enterprise landscape that assists with evolving current infrastructure and engaging with cloud hybridization. That way, companies can cut costs, boost efficiency and see better operations with Vertices from B&L.

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