Getting your big data money’s worth

By Michael
March 1, 2013

Over the last few years, companies have been trying to make better use of the resources they currently have at their disposal. Cloud computing, virtualization and mobile tools are making for a more convoluted, potentially dangerous IT environment all the time. Combating these issues requires implementing media management in a far more concerted manner, with hard disk management solutions trying to cover for the inadequacies that hastily launched cloud and mobile resources might introduce.

Big data is one of the technologies currently improving security and compliance in the business world. The Herald Online reported that a Ponemon Institute study showed more than half of all organizations recognize the usefulness of big data assets and plan to use them to improve security guidelines. These companies also cite the potential to carve more insights from the latent information within business files of all kinds. Human resources data, employee performance indicators and a variety of financial indicators can be easier to identify and make use of with the help of big data analytics.

“While data growth and complexity are explosive factors in cyber defense, new big data tools and data management techniques are emerging that can efficiently handle the volume and complexity of IP network data,” said Larry Ponemon, the head of the institute named after him.

Making the most of current assets
As more organizations come to terms with the usefulness of big data, though, they may become increasingly frustrated at how hard it seems to be to acquire. Forbes stated that it’s important for companies to think about big data in the sense that it’s something already within the corporate infrastructure, yet isn’t inherently usable without some sort of refinement.

Focusing on file types can be beneficial when trying to pick out the worthwhile assets from the extraneous ones within the depths of hard disk management solutions. By sorting out the most valuable documents, businesses will be able to create analytics results without spending more on other tools that are meant to improve performance and other key corporate elements. The necessary insight as to what procurements they should make, which way to go with training initiatives and how to position the company for better growth in the future are all potential outcomes of big data analytics harvesting.

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