Data Tapes to Play a Larger Role

By Michael
January 15, 2015

Disaster recovery has become an industry unto itself in the wake of numerous high-profile data breaches. While IT teams work on installing safeguards to prevent such attacks and losses from occurring in the first place, they need to be sure their backup systems are ready to go in a pinch. Having a solid tape management platform in place can save a company time and money by avoiding downtime and getting assets back online quickly.

Now, with the ever-expanding Internet and all of its interconnected devices, data backup has become more important than ever.

More data means more backup
The Internet of Things – big data – smart technology – all of these trends are growing exponentially and require bigger and better IT teams to maintain them. As a result, more scalable, intuitive and comprehensive backup tape management programs will be necessary.

According to Forbes, an organization can never have enough real-time data. Too often, companies find that their data backup system is not up to par when they need it to be. That’s because they didn’t test the system, so they were unaware that there was ever an issue until it was time to use the platform. For this reason, businesses should use a modern backup tape management system that can track tapes and offer reliable support.

IBM Fellow and Storage CTO Vincent Hsu forecasts that as data accumulates from a variety of sources, it will become more important to store data in multiple locations, according to Silicon Angle. One of those will invariably be data tape backup. This technique offers not only insurance in the event of a breach, but greater opportunities for research and audit compliance.

Additionally, Hsu¬†pointed out that some warehouses in remote locations that have little Internet access can use tape sensors to collect data for later analysis at a more suitable location. During flight, data can also be impossible to send over the Internet, so tapes can play an important role in gathering information for later analysis. In both of these cases, it’s important to have a proper management system in place to ensure the tapes are adequately backed up and secure.

The best of these backup platforms allow 24/7 access to data, automated workflow processes, data migration tracking and top-of-the-line security measures.

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