Data management a major player in healthcare decisions

By Michael
April 28, 2014

As businesses become responsible for greater volumes of sensitive information, it’s important that leadership comes to understand what best to do with these assets. Creating a meaningful method of data management is integral to the success of protection and oversight measures, as firms need to be able to establish and maintain a library of information for years to come that’s as safe as can be. Backup tape management, disaster recovery measures and attention to personally identifiable files need to take priority in technological upgrades.

Adopting efficiency
Medical professionals are particularly concerned about how their resources are being handled. In the presence of rising fears regarding hacks, attacks and loss, as well as issues with information ownership and overall eDiscovery compliance, there’s a need for firms to ensure that their data management is being handled properly.

This is a driving sentiment behind the ongoing and increasing adoption of data management assets in the healthcare field. According to Modern Healthcare, the level and efficiency of asset remediation and process oversight has made considerable leaps and bounds in terms of integrity and efficiency in the last 20 years. The ability to oversee the functions these programs carry out and ensure the effectiveness of these programs is on the rise, with enterprise operations showing considerable usage in terms of asset awareness and performance oversight. These are essential elements when considering the sensitivity of data medical providers are responsible for protecting.

Considering challenges
HR Reporter wrote that a recent Deloitte study showed more organizations are concerned with these kinds of data management upgrades. Taking into account the number and veracity of recent data breaches, corporations are increasingly fearful of what may happen if their sensitive assets were violated.

According to the research, 70 percent of companies are currently or are still considering the rewards of implementing superior data management solutions. At the same time, those already utilizing these kinds of systems say that their present protocols aren’t enough to enhance their systems effectiveness. In fact, less than 10 percent state that their current data management was generating any kind of considerable return on investment.

B&L’s Vertices is the perfect solution for firms trying to increase accountability and generate better data management.  This software allows for inventory automation, asset verification and the ability to alert organizations to essential data management needs throughout the information’s lifetime. This allows for superior asset management and compliance in the enterprise landscape.

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