Creating searchable and compliant assets with tape tracking

By Michael
August 19, 2014

The presence of backup tape management in the modern business environment serves to increase the accountability and security of these enterprises in which it resides. In short, companies that have backup tape solutions are ready to meet any compliance, audit or inquiry they might have to face.

Such a situation is desirable to modern corporations, as more businesses are spending time in court, making up for problems online and trying to keep consumers and investors alike from getting angry. The end result is a more apologetic enterprise, and that’s just no good for business. It’s better to invest in backup tape management and increase the usability of business operations.

The thing is, companies have to be careful with how they handle this information. As TechTarget stated, there’s a growing need to differentiate between what needs to be saved and what corporations should be destroying. While these two actions are very different, they’re equally important in terms of maintaining enterprise security, the source noted.

That’s because proper disposal of information is just as vital as appropriate backup tape management and maintenance. As the source noted, there’s no such thing as data that isn’t important, but there are files that need to be eradicated. That’s not the same as erased, and companies should be sure to make this distinction.

Another article from TechTarget added that it’s necessary to think outside the box in terms of managing assets and creating a data infrastructure that actually meets corporate needs. B&L’s Vertices and tape management services help meet these needs, increasing the oversight companies can exert over their compliance and recovery options. This software ensures that there’s a presence for information assets in all forms of business operations, thereby verifying that management and oversight are easy to manage in all forms of information oversight.

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