Backing up everything becoming standard

By Michael
March 1, 2013

Think of all the information you use on a daily basis. Now consider the tools you use to gain that information. If you don’t consider the storage side of that equation, you’re missing a big part of what makes the technological universe tick – both ends of the spectrum have to be working properly for the entire system to function. When one cog slips out of place, media management may not operate in its intended fashion or even at all.

Consider the consternation of Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers at this year’s Superbowl. A half-hour long power outage and backup generator failure resulted in a lengthy delay of game, advertising revenue loss, disgruntled fans and overall issues with completing the biggest sporting event of the year. As The Times-Picayune and NOLA Online reported, the Superdome Commission has approved a backup power study after the fact to remedy the problem and keep it from happening again.

This is the exact same scenario that organizations go through after major power outages and natural disasters. When a disrupting event occurs, companies may lose the ability to operate. Their systems go dark. They have to wait for backups like hard disk management and tape tracking tools to kick in and restore their solutions. If these systems don’t exist, as is the case with many cloud computing corporations, they stay in the dark until the provider comes back online. They lose money and alienate customers. Even major providers are susceptible to such scenarios.

Anticipating the future
ChannelWeb wrote that the need for tape management resources has never been greater than it is now. With more organizations abandoning solid state assets as they move into the cloud, an increasing number of firms are leaving themselves open to attack and loss without a backup net to catch them. The source stated that tape tracking and other kinds of reliable legacy solutions are going to be even more important as big data requirements stretch cloud storage assets to their limits, pushing corporate budgets ever higher and demanding more than companies are able to supply.

With security, continuity and recovery all on the line, media management may take on a more diverse appearance in the coming months and years. Retaining hard disk management, tape tracking software and other such tools as mobile and cloud options climb on their shoulders could give businesses the reach they want without risking their foundation.

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