4 Ways To Help Your Staff To Overcome Challenging IT Workloads

By Michael
September 4, 2015

Dealing with the ever-growing challenge of digital asset management is a burdensome task to put on your IT staff. Unfortunately, the heavy load seems to be growing heavier all the time. Computerworld pointed out that IT hiring and budget increases have been slow to keep pace with the capacity and demands of in-house data storage. This disproportionate workload is likely a major contributor to the rampant epidemic of IT employees feeling overworked while on the job. According to a survey performed by CIO Insight, 88 percent of respondents reported that they are currently working more than 40 hours a week.

Your company can ease your IT team’s burden, as well as limit the turnover of valuable talent, by making the investments necessary to keep your IT staff’s collective anxiety to a minimum. This is especially true for employees tasked with archiving critical business information and confidential client data via on-site storage management.

1. Organize data under a single asset management platform
Navigating terabytes upon terabytes of media like backup tape is confusing all on its own. The process becomes considerably more frustrating and difficult when employees are asked to navigate multiple tools for sorting, naming and navigating this long and growing list of assets. That’s why it’s important to prioritize simplicity and ease-of-adoption when choosing a software to help your IT experts do their job.

A specialized solution like Archived Data Manager is designed to be fully compatible with popular backup programs like NetBackup and Backup Exec, simplifying the process of integrating the new software and unifying what was once a disjointed system under one intuitive interface.

2. Reduce compliance anxiety by streamlining report generation
In addition to simplifying the management and organization of data assets, it’s critical for companies to find ways to streamline compliance efforts as well. After all, a single audit gone wrong can have a lasting impact on the future of your business. It’s no surprise that the fear of a compliance mistake might put your IT staff on edge or keep them up at night.

Thankfully, this issue can easily be remedied by automating compliance along with the rest of your IT asset management process. Look for tools designed to help you sort and speed up backup tape storage like Archived Data Manager that also include important compliance features like automatic report generation. These types of perks go a long way toward easing the worries of your IT experts.

3. Ease new hires into the workflow by simplifying management processes
The hiring process can be hectic for new employees and established veterans alike. Incoming IT workers are asked to learn on the fly and become productive members of the team as quickly as possible. Existing employees, on the other hand, are asked to find extra time in their work day to educate new hires and correct their initial mistakes. Efforts made to streamline processes like IT asset management have far reaching positive impacts, including making the process of training new IT staff a little easier for everyone involved.

4. Invest in agnostic software solutions
Compatibility issues go beyond merging software interfaces. Ensuring that your solution can run across all operating systems, for instance, is a often taken for granted despite the potential risks of overlooking the issue. It pays to do a little extra research and locate future, proof agnostic solutions for you data center. Selecting easily-integrated, comprehensive software solutions will help your company limit reliance on extra third-party platforms to fill in the gaps.

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