4 Reasons You Need a Retention Policy

By Michael
May 3, 2011

Is your organization operating without a data retention policy? Or under a policy that needs updating or isn’t being consistently enforced? If so, this is one issue you’ll want to move closer to the top of your priority list, ASAP. Here’s why:

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  1. Interesting post! In your experience, have you had clients not have a retention policy and suffer because of it (both legally and financially)? It appears that you have left the door open for further explanation on how your organization works with your clients to define and implement a retention plan.
    A brief example of how you actually help your clients would be of great value added to this posting.

  2. Steve, we had had companies suffer, mostly financially, due to incorrect retention policies. Although we’re not technically ‘consultants’, when we install our software we help guide them towards thinking about what their current policies, or if those policies need to modified and streamlined. Once they start using our software the organization can start to see if these retention holds are working, and tweak from there.

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