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What Is AssetAware

AssetAware is a software solution that your company will use to manage your offline IT assets. When assets go offline, they are still valuable and may even contain sensitive data. Without proper management of those valuable assets, you expose your company to increased risk and costs.

With that being said, most companies still lack an automated way to track IT assets after they go offline. When assets are no longer being managed by your IT Asset Management solution, and have yet to reach their final disposition destination, they will be managed by AssetAware.  AssetAware bridges the gap between these two processes to ensure they are managed properly and securely at all times.

Disk Destruction

A common workflow that your company can manage within AssetAware is hard drive destruction. By bridging the gap between your ITAM solution and your destruction vendor, you will have visibility into the process and can rest at ease knowing that all your hard drives safely reach the destruction vendor.  Don’t rely on the destruction vendor and their certificate of destruction (COD) to tell you what they destroyed.  Be in control of your valuable assets!

Simple, Secure, and Scalable Offline IT Asset Tracking

AssetAware automates and standardizes offline IT asset tracking for your entire enterprise. It is the missing link that ensures end-to-end workflow processes are adhered to, safeguarding sensitive data through any disposition process it might follow.

With AssetAware, companies can be accountable for the status and location of all their offline IT assets.  Companies will finally have peace of mind that all hard drives and offline assets reach their final disposition destination.

Common processes that are managed within AssetAware include:

  • Hard drive destruction
  • Repurposing and reselling used IT assets
  • Recycling mobile phones and other portable devices
  • Legal holds
  • And more!

IT Asset Disposition: Documented. Compliant. Secure.

AssetAware is the missing link that completes your data security policy and safeguards sensitive data through any disposition process it might follow. Whether you are tracking hard drive destruction, repurposing, vendor returns or even resale, AssetAware is the most compliant and secure way to manage these processes.


By creating predetermined workflows for your assets to follow, you can finally track transfer of ownership and verify chain of custody. Now you can easily answer the who, what, when and where questions asked by audit or management.


Easily create destruction events for IT assets like servers, hard drives or laptops. Once the destruction process is complete, you can upload the official destruction certificate to the event. Then, a simple click of the mouse provides you with a comprehensive audit trail for inventory, regulatory and litigation purposes.


The only way to guarantee data is protected is to know the location and status of every data bearing asset, even when it is offline. Managing offline assets effectively and efficiently with AssetAware enables you to have full accountability of your assets as they move through their disposition process so you can guarantee they completed every stage successfully, such as wiping or moving. AssetAware uses barcode scanning to ensure total accuracy and simplicity.

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