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Why Choose AssetAware

disposition assetsIT asset dispositionAssetAware gives you the flexibility to manage all your offline IT assets through various workflows, while simultaneously providing you the security to account for every single asset.  By automating your workflows in AssetAware, your company will have a closed loop IT asset disposition process.

Any offline workflow: Destruction, Onboarding, Recycling, Legal Holds, Reselling, etc.

Any offline asset: Hard drives, laptops, switches, USB drives, tablets, etc.

Why Be So Concerned About End of Life?

Most companies don’t afford the same levels of security to offline assets as they do when the assets are online. AssetAware’s closed-loop process provides end-to-end management and security of offline IT assets.

Manual management – through spreadsheets, or relying on a combination of your ITAM solution and offsite vendor – make it nearly impossible to guarantee 100% of offline assets are accounted for and sensitive data doesn’t get lost or stolen.

Without automated offline IT asset management, you also leave yourself susceptible to:


  • Security Breach due to Loss, Misplaced, or Mismanaged Asset
  • Failure to Pass Compliance Audits
  • Unable to Verify Chain of Custody
  • Unable to Validate Destruction / Disposal
  • Lack of Standard Process Across Organization

*These risks often result in fines, negative exposure for your company, and litigation expenses


  • Increased Administrative Costs for Manual Processes
  • Lost Time Responding to Audits
  • Lost Time in Training and Lack of Transfer of Knowledge
  • Lost Time in Maintaining Homegrown Solutions
  • Overspending Due to Charges for Late Returns

Lack of Centralized Records

  • Unable to Quickly Locate Assets
  • Lack of Visibility into the Process
  • Unable to Determine if Assets are Ready for Destruction
  • Lack of Global Roll Up Reporting for Audit and Management

How do you eliminate these risks and avoid excess costs?  Use AssetAware to track, move, and protect offline IT assets!

Key Reasons to Try AssetAware

Below are seven ways AssetAware can benefit your company.  If any of the below are important functions for your company’s IT Asset Disposition process, AssetAware might be right for you!

Safeguard Data

The only way to safeguard data on offline hardware and prevent a data breach is to properly manage the assets that contains the data. Rest assured that your data is protected from the moment it goes offline to its final disposition destination. Feel confident that you are implementing procedures to prevent a data breach.

Lower Costs

Lower administrative costs associated with manual management of administering offline assets. Decrease the amount of time locating assets and responding to audits. Importantly, avoid unnecessary costs, whether those might be fines and litigation expenses due to a data breach or being overcharged for late returns of hardware.

Visibility into the Process

Marking an asset as ‘Retired’ or ‘Destroyed’ in your ITAM solution doesn’t accurately portray the status of an offline IT asset. The only way to bridge the gap between online activity and an asset’s final disposition is to manage the process of when the asset is offline. With AssetAware, you will have visibility into the process in order to report on chain of custody for accountability and audit.

Central Repository

Have a single application for managing all your offline IT assets throughout your entire organization. Easily and quickly determine the status and location of any asset, as well as where it is in its workflow. You can also upload Certificates of Destruction and other files for quick and easy retrieval.

Easy to Use and Accurate

AssetAware is a web based application so you can log in and manage assets from virtually any location. Bar code-based system eliminates human error and ensures absolute accuracy while making the entire management process more efficient.

Compliance and Audit

AssetAware completely automates audit reporting for inventory, regulatory and litigation purposes. Print out a defensible audit trail and include any attachments like a Certificate of Destruction within a few clicks of the mouse.

Flexible and Scalable

Workflows are customizable to ensure your organization can set up procedures that fit to your operations. AssetAware can handle more assets, sites, workflows, users and security functions than you can imagine, so as you grow, rest assured the solution can accommodate your growth in data and assets. Choose between a cloud based or local install.

Manage your organization’s offline IT assets with the same level of data security afforded to your online IT assets!  Try a free trial of AssetAware today!

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