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“How are you tracking hard drives prior to destruction? Watch this animated video to learn about managing assets securely through their disposition processes, such as hard drive destruction.”

Manage Offline IT Assets Securely

When assets go offline, they are still valuable and may even contain sensitive data.  Therefore, they need to be managed properly and securely. We help you achieve this by managing your offline IT assets through worklows in AssetAware.  By bringing workflows to your organization, there are standard procedures to follow and a history of activity to report on for management and audit.

 How AssetAware Works

Offline IT Asset Tracking AssetAware

Benefit From Automating Offline IT Asset Activity

Offline IT Asset TrackingBy automating processes between your ITAM solution and your ITAD vendor, your company can:

  • Verify chain of custody
  • Standardize processes for all offline IT asset workflows across sites
  • Easily determine the status and location of any offline asset
  • Create defensible reports for audit and management
  • Safeguard data
  • Be in control of what you hand your ITAD vendor
  • More!

With visibility into offline IT asset activity, companies can absolutely verify what happens to an asset when it is offline and be in control of what they are handing their destruction vendor.

Partner with Us!

If you are an IT Asset Disposition vendor and think a partnership would benefit your customers, give us a call and ask about our ITAD Partner Program. Contact us!

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