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Features and Benefits of Offline IT Asset Management

Risk hard drive destruction

Reduce the Risk of Losing Sensitive Data and Expensive Hardware

Most companies have no automated process to effectively track offline IT asset workflow from decommissioning to destruction. Whether it’s a server, hard drive, or any other asset, the lack of automated tracking can result in the inability to verify where assets are located within the workflow, exposing the company to security risks and the potential loss of sensitive data.

Automated, Standardized Workflow Processes for All Assets

AssetAware automates offline IT asset tracking, bridging the gap between online IT asset management activity and the tracking of offline IT assets to final disposition, validating that all assets have been properly wiped before return, reuse or disposal. AssetAware enablescompanies to have a closed-loop process for the tracking of their assets to their final disposition destination using bar code or RFID wired and wireless scanners.

Data Hard Drive Destruction
Workflow hard drive destruction

Verify End-to-End Chain of Custody for Easy Reporting

The ability to verify chain of custody is especially important for verifying the destruction of assets. What companies often forget, or perhaps don’t know, is that they are responsible for their data, not the destruction company. If an asset is not truly destroyed and gets in the wrong hands, the liability falls on the organization, not the company who was supposed to destroy it. To maintain control of your assets, every action is journaled in the system with a date and time stamp, so a defensible audit report can be exported to pdf directly from AssetAware.

Easily Locate Assets for Quick Lookups

All assets within AssetAware are stored in a single, central repository. If an organization has many different locations, all assets within those locations can be stored in one single AssetAware system. Entering or scanning the asset will pull up all of its attributes. Easily sort and report on assets that have like attributes, such as asset type, location, or status. Save your result set with the click of a button.

Hard Drive Destruction
Audit hard drive destruction

Quickly Respond to Audits for Total Compliance

Creating an audit trail is an inherent part of AssetAware. Every action is journaled in the system with a date and time stamp, so a defensible audit report can be exported to pdf directly from AssetAware. You can also upload and include essential files for your audits, such as Certificates of Destruction. Assets can also be reported on individually, for the interrogation of a specific asset.

Don’t wait until you lose an asset with valuable data on it or spend hours trying to remember where you left a hard drive, Download a Free Trial and start reaping the benefits of AssetAware today!

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