Software Solutions Prevent Compliance from Being Taken for Granted

By Michael
July 27, 2015

Businesses of all sizes are facing the pressures of increasingly regulatory industries. From new environmental policies to a greater focus on cyber security, staying compliant is both a legal necessity and integral to staying competitive in the field. This is especially true for companies that keep substantial archives of offline IT assets like backup tape. Ensuring the security of this data is just the beginning – IT teams that fail to develop a comprehensive strategy for compliance will likely see their company feel the burn of a failed audit or loss of critical customer data. These mishaps can cripple a company, so the importance of securing offline IT assets under your control should not be underestimated. Read on to learn why the automation of offline data should be a top priority for your tech experts.

Cyber assets are a primary concern for compliance-minded clients
A survey of top data custodians organized by Asia Asset Management emphasized that members of the international business community are more preoccupied with data security than ever before. Given the recent wave of hacking scandals, it’s no surprise that IT clients across the spectrum, from high-profile icons like Sony to small businesses looking to streamline management of data archives, are more keen to favor companies that can guarantee their data is both accessible and secure.

That means you can establish a greater sense of trust between your company and your clients by investing in solutions that enhance your ability to respond to the most common challenges with regards to compliance. Customers may even request to see your data retrieval process in action before agreeing to put their data in your company’s hands. In cases like these, the value of software designed to fill the gaps in your IT team’s data compliance strategy can not be understated. The trick is finding the right application that meets the needs of your business but also satisfies the strict expectations of your potential clients.

Rapid access is key to pleasing customers and auditors alike
When it comes to their confidential files, companies are, expectedly, very particular about how assets are handled by another company. Decision-makers want to know their data can be accessed, edited and deleted quickly and at their behest. That’s why there is so much value in deploying specialized software like Vertices or VaultLedger. Not only do these programs streamline the process of identifying and locating offline assets, they also represent a comprehensive approach to offline IT asset management that can be used to demonstrate your company’s dedication to compliance and protecting client assets.

Preparing to demonstrate your company’s data management strategy to potential customers also offers value as vital preparation for dealing with an auditor. After all, auditors will be looking for much of the same examples of stalwart compliance as clients, the main differences being that auditors will scrutinize your IT team with far more purpose and their final opinion could have a big impact on your company’s ability to do business.

Human error can turn precise plans into critical failure
A recent article in InformationAge warned IT decision makers that human error is, more often than not, behind the breaches and data losses that hurt companies the most. Why not take responsibility for your client’s data, and your company’s reputation, out of their hands for good? In addition to making your management of offline IT assets like backup tape more organized, solutions like Vertices and VaultLedger provide tools to automate the process as much as possible. This approach to asset management also makes your costs more predictable, which in turn makes it easier to eliminate excessive tasks from your IT team’s daily workflow.

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