Understanding backup tape increases its accuracy

By Michael
July 31, 2014

One of the biggest problems that corporations encounter today is that their workforce does not understand how things in the enterprise landscape actually work. Whether it’s software, hardware, dress codes or human interactions, when people don’t know how to do a thing right, they’re much more likely to make a mistake.

In the world of backup tape management, an error can be as minor as a keystroke but as major as ruining the entirety of disaster response. What’s lacking in many business environments, as Processor Online stated, is that companies fail to grasp the strategic value of enterprise backup tape management.

“Backups are the oil changes and lube jobs of the data center,” said analyst Charles King. “Backups tend to be the job nobody wants.”

He added that backups are necessary in order to keep corporate data and operations running effectively, but they aren’t always the most popular of procedures. If firms could just understand how essential backing up files is to the continuity and management of an entire corporation, companies could see better continuity and audit procedures in their future.

As the source added, knowing that backups work properly before a disaster strikes relieves the stress of worrying over whether systems are really up to par. Reviewing operations on a regular basis reassures that things are functioning properly and that a thorough and accurate backup is in place for current operations. This frequent oversight and finesse with systems reduces overall backup windows and provides more order to the chaos that many organizations experience in this realm.

Using B&L’s Vertices can help in these situations. The program provides its own automated tracking and oversight processes, removing human error and providing greater risk management. With a fast, centralized reporting system, it eliminates improper use while boosting current control.

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