Three ways backup tape helps diversify security options

By Michael
September 19, 2014

There’s a huge volume of information these days with which corporations need to cope. From generic big data to specialized private information, personal insights and predictive analytics, there needs to be ways to sort out and securely store all of these assets.

That’s where backup tape management can be most effective. Instead of trying to pour all of a firm’s records into a digital or virtual system, businesses can easily diversify their holdings through onsite or remote backup tape solutions. Not only do these tools assist with making operations more affordable, they also support heightened security of corporate holdings.

Here’s three ways how:

1.) It supports continuity
In a disaster situation, time is money. Businesses can’t be waiting around for crashed servers, bad Internet connections or dropped video calls. Backup tape management ensures that there’s a hardline connection to recovery solutions in any emergency situation. The VAR Guy wrote that this allows organizations to be protected against pretty much any threat, as tape solutions give control of content back to businesses, expediting continuity.

2.) It allows for hybridization
Tape systems inherently allow companies to expand their operations to other environments, such as virtual servers, cloud computing landscapes and mobile applications. The VAR Guy pointed out that many industries have specific and varied needs for how their assets are stored, yet backup tape management can allow for all of these scenarios. That’s because a secondary system can provide the handling of records while tapes ensure security and confidentiality.

3.) It expedites engagement
Similar to continuity, engagement among employee and client groups withers when too much time and effort is needed to retrieve documentation. Information Age stated that meeting expectations in these areas can help boost communication and improve satisfaction levels. Backup tape management can provide this sort of speedy, accurate retrieval, thereby supporting more protection of user engagement.

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