The Many Faces of Data Backup

By Michael
February 26, 2015

For IT managers, data loss is the cardinal sin. It just isn’t acceptable – these departments must be able to effectively backup and protect all of their digital assets at all cost. Fortunately, that cost doesn’t have to be all that high – there are reliable, effective and economical ways to ensure data loss prevention.

Having said that, the best way is actually not one single method – it’s a combination of a number of practices. It starts with data tapes and vault management software to maintain and catalog large supplies of backup tapes across multiple locations and time periods.

The multifaceted approach works best
There are a number of reasons to pursue different backup methods, according to The Register. The primary reason is that the more ways a hard drive is protected, the better the chances are of that data surviving a major disaster or breach. If the system is hacked, at least you’ll have data tapes to fall back on. If there is a natural disaster in the area, files stored in the cloud or tapes at an offsite location will be safe.

But there is another side to using several data backup management techniques. For one thing, backup vendors don’t always support different file types. This can be remedied through data replication, in which a server copies its files to another one, with different applications and operating systems.

Managers can also compress their files in order to store larger amounts of data without taking up as much space. Additionally, services like the cloud and Dropbox allow organizations to push data to outside carriers.

All of these are valid and worthwhile methods that can supplement a robust storage and backup program, but they cannot replace data tapes coupled with a strong disaster recovery program. Online backup is convenient, but flawed – according to Business 2 Community, companies must be aware of the online system they’re using. They should not allow important business information to be readily accessible. For some cloud providers, the security level simply is not high enough.

But that’s why data tape backup systems are crucial. At the very least, an organization can house their private, critical business data in these tapes, track them with a strong software platform, and rest¬†assured knowing that data is safe and sound.

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