The Epsilon Data Breach: What the Rest of Us Can Learn

By Michael
April 7, 2011

Last week’s announcement of a data breach at e-mail marketing firm Epsilon has generated both significant news coverage and consumer angst over the past few days. And the ripple effect likely will continue well into the future, if and when the stolen data is put to use in spam and phishing attacks. For us in the technology sphere, the unfortunate events at Epsilon resurface the age-old question, “Have we done enough to protect our data?”

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  1. Makes you think about their entire methodology around their data protection or apparent lack of. If they are doing regional mailing campaigns and manage their data accordingly they “may have” saved millions of email address from this hack.
    Question is what IT staff member did they recently let go…do they change their sysadmin passwords regularly?

  2. Before those questions are posed I think we would need to know where the breach stemmed from. Was it internal or external? If it was internal, did it come from within I.T. or another department where there was access to these records? The truth is we’ll never know (an entirely separate topic, but one worth noting). Let’s hope that they learn from their mistakes. Managing our personal data should take as much priority as the revenue it generates for them.

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