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The Costly Lack of Data Protection

By Michael
December 29, 2014

Many companies rely upon IT or data management as the backbone of their operations – without a robust team working to maintain databases, these companies would experience a decline in productivity. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what is happening to a number of businesses across the globe. Organizations don’t feel the urgency to implement a comprehensive data loss prevention system and, as a result, when data loss occurs, their hands are tied.

Companies lack effective data loss protection
A recent study from EMC Corporation discovered that in the past year, roughly 75 percent of Canadian businesses experienced data loss or downtime – a $16.8 billion USD problem, according to Financial Post. But the problem goes beyond loss. Most of these companies – 66 percent – believe they do not have the ability to recover lost data.

“Most companies are behind the curve and don’t know what to do,” Michael Sharun, president of EMC Canada, explained in the study. “New workloads are the biggest issue.”

These workloads include the cloud, big data and mobile. While 36 percent of companies surveyed lack any type of data backup for these emerging workloads, 65 percent claimed data protection was critical to their success.

Canada wasn’t the only offender. EMC also partnered with Vanson Bourne to examine data loss prevention worldwide and found businesses have lost $1.7 trillion USD due to data loss and downtime, according to Infostor. Over the last two years, companies have compromised 2.33 terabytes of data – the equivalent of 24 million emails or $1.02 million per organization.

With a proper tape management program in place like VaultLedger from B&L Associates, companies would stand a chance at diminishing their data loss and saving some of that downtime. Virtual databases like the cloud have much to offer, but can also succumb to external threats, power loss or hardware failure. It’s essential to use physical tape backups and safeguard those stores with a strong management program.

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