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Tape Storage Automation Comes with Plenty of Perks

By Michael
July 23, 2015

Despite the fact that magnetic tape drive technology is old enough to be called legacy, the approach to storage has managed to stay current with the needs of modern enterprises. According to ComputerWeekly.com, magnetic tape is ideal for archiving massive amounts of data that need to be stored safely but don’t demand regular or rapid access. In fact, the latest generation of tape is capable of holding several terabytes of files with ease. That’s why any company interested in getting the most storage for their dollar should always consider tape as an option.

To get the full perks of tape storage, however, companies must be willing to automate their process. A disorganized, decentralized storage strategy can lead to excessive costs and compliance failures down the road. Your IT team can circumvent these problems by investing in a backup tape automation solution like Vertices. Purchasing dedicated tools to perform this task has multiple benefits and can help your team to stretch the storage budget even further. Read on to learn the major advantages of streamlining your tape storage strategy.

Automation helps make big data feel less massive
Enterprise Storage Forum emphasized that while disk is still optimal for storing business apps that need to be accessed daily, there’s no comparison to magnetic tape when it comes to sheer scale – tape storage jobs are now beginning to scale into the exabyte range. Though data archived onto these tapes will not be retrieved on a routine basis, there will eventually come a time when the information must be reviewed. Attempting to sort through multiple terabytes of data without an established system can prove to be a challenge all on its own.

Tape automation solutions like Vertices can come in handy during situations like these by providing means to manage backup tapes, create and deliver tracking reports and assist in efforts to audit and locate key tapes. This support helps users keep track of all their archived data without losing sight of the their desired information. Without these tools, your IT team is more likely to deal with disorganization in the archiving process and the severe consequences of mismanaging critical information.

Efficiency is key to cost reduction and compliance
Attempting to locate specific files among an ocean of magnetic tapes can be a long and arduous process without an automated system in place. Unfortunately, this extra searching can eat up several hours and trump up administrative operating costs. Your IT team might also be put in a compromising situation if a piece of information is requested by a client or compliance official and there is no means of rapidly accessing said information. When time is of the essence, having no means of navigating these massive amounts of data will only spell trouble for IT professionals.

A streamlined process is a less vulnerable process
Another reason to take automation of your backup tape seriously is to minimize irreparable errors. The best way to keep mistakes out of a process is to make it as repeatable and simple as possible. Aspects of this routine, such as scheduled locating and reporting, help to offset the unpredictability of the human element and establish a clear path to success, even when operations go awry. Automation establishes a reliable framework for the storage and retrieval of archive information via magnetic tape. It’s up to you and your IT team to take advantage of this forward-thinking solution.

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