Taking eDiscovery more seriously needs to be a priority

By Michael
October 10, 2013

One of the biggest growing concerns organizations should have is whether their backup tape management systems are really thorough and compliant. Now, not all IT professionals are focusing on the minutia of how their operations function, instead choosing to look for dramatic problems like data breaches, or trying to isolate better ways to integrate their mobile deployments with the rest of corporate infrastructure. But the issue with these scenarios is that it leaves business file systems dangerously open to a whole different type of complex crisis that firms won’t be able to respond to when push comes to shove.

Specifically, the threat looming over an increasing number of corporations is the need for continuity and eDiscovery compliance. While many organizations have satisfactory archive and backup solutions for maintaining a record of every email, file and application that’s ever passed through the business mainframe, these tools aren’t in any kind of meaningful order. They’re unceremoniously dumped into data silos or left in massive pools with no graphic or object identifiers to help sort them out. Using tools like B&L’s Archived Data Manager is a huge help when trying to comply with eDiscovery requests, so businesses need to investigate this kind of option. Otherwise, they could face a costly and complicated retrieval process under the time pressures of state and federal legal processing requests.

Jumping through hoops
As Lexology wrote, taking stock of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure should be top priorities for organizations interested in meeting eDiscovery requirements. The source indicated that the guidelines for compliance and response times are in the process of changing, requiring more rapid turnaround with greater depth of information in these submitted answers. While current legislation helps reduce the cost and complexity of eDiscovery responses in the private sector, government bodies are looking for more accountability by increasing these demands.

Apart from the fact that these changes stand to make every IT professional’s nightmares a little more bleak it’s important that firms note that proportionality could soon be a major deciding factor in how they are required to respond to requests. Therefore, being able to accurately control and monitor backup tape management and archive solutions could be a huge benefit for businesses trying to limit their eDiscovery expenses. Using B&L’s Archived Data Manager could present a huge time and price savings in the long run for organizations that want to maintain compliance and continuity, even as guidelines continue to change.

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