Shrinking backup risks a reality with solid state assets

By Michael
March 15, 2013

Making proper use of data domains and solid state infrastructure can help firms shrink backup windows without losing files. In fact, with the proper deduplication assets, creating more efficient information resources is an easily met goal. This doesn't even require purchasing additional resources if firms already own the right resources, and in cases where acquisition is necessary, the return on investment from these assets is well worth it.

Hard disk management tools on their own are good for backup and disaster recovery preparedness. However, there are other tools that can be added to these resources to make them even more effective. Deep archives can store terabytes of data quickly and accurately, allowing organizations to substantially reduce the footprints of their data centers without losing continuity of transparency. Combined with remote storage and file encryption policies, these resources can improve disaster preparedness and shrink backup windows, among other benefits. Targeting the right solutions and ensuring that corporate infrastructure is functioning properly are all important aspects of making certain that businesses are getting the most return on these investments.

Finding the best tools
Data Center Knowledge wrote that one of the leading issues that some firms may encounter in enacting these kinds of money-saving and efficiency-improving solid state assets is ensuring that the tools they already own are working properly. As the source pointed out, many businesses currently maintain hardware with deduplication abilities, but not all organizations know how to turn these features on and off. It's not a given that products of this kind will come with dedupe options enabled, so even though a device may be outfitted for that purpose, IT professionals need to know what to look for to ensure optimal function.

Deduplication can help organizations increase productivity and performance in a variety of ways, including shrinking backup windows and promoting more efficient disaster recovery. Offsite storage.

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