Saving money with better backup tape management and compliance

By Michael
July 15, 2013

There’s a lot of information for which organizations are responsible. These data loads can put significant strain on companies in terms of file control and tape retention, and the price for housing all these resources, sometimes for years at a time, will be so high as to be crippling for some organizations. To control these data loads, organizations need to manage their file resources and ensure that they are only managing what they have to and are meant to as well.

Figuring out storage problems
While it may seem like sage wisdom smart to keep every iota of information that’s ever crossed a company’s path, this is actually a very bad idea. Retaining unnecessary data creates significantly heavier data payloads than firms need to house. According to the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Counsel Summit, just under 70 percent of all corporate archive management and file tracking tools are probably curating information that has no corporate value.

Boosting governance is one of the best strategies for companies to overcome their backup tape management over encumbrances. Obtaining specialized tape control software and resources meant to automatically capture necessary information helps companies ensure that they’re always retaining the data they need. B&L’s Vertices can help firms increase the accuracy and speed of their current solutions, encouraging more transparency for their systems. This program helps organizations track and locate essential tape resources that make it easy for firms to deduplicate and better manage their assets.

Getting more functionality
Network Computing wrote that one of the most effective strategies for cutting costs surrounding backups and data management is to move these assets to more affordable tools. Migrating information to backup tapes and vaults lets organizations catalog their files in a way that can keep larger amounts of resources in a more compact and efficient format. By pushing information from tapes and virtual tools into backup tape management, companies can curate their data more quickly and accurately. The source stated that new technology makes tape cartridges a superior method of controlling long-term storage.

With B&L’s Vertices, improved speed of processing, tracking and managing tapes is easier than ever. This solution works with individual businesses to meet their needs and give them the online access and in-house flexibility they require.

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