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Protecting enterprise assets easier with backup tape management

By Michael
August 27, 2014

Creating a secure and accessible enterprise infrastructure requires that organizations utilize tools that both increase the availability of databases and protect these resources at the same time. Such demands call for an in-house or solid-state option that works in conjunction with a more flexible application. Whether that’s a cloud deployment, virtualized server or in-house, dedicated network connected to backup tape management is up to the corporation itself.

Regardless, the kinds of security and threats for which firms should be wary of are the same. Here are a few tips to help improve the way tapes and other services act in tandem to safeguard enterprise assets.

Secure host systems
As CIO Online stated, it’s easy for companies to deploy solutions like cloud computing assets or mobile apps. However, there’s not necessarily a consideration for safety and continuity. That makes these digital, always-on, easily visible resources a prime and unprotected target for hackers.

That’s a great example as to why not only should firms implement better automation and security tools, but also why backup tape solutions are necessary before entering these environments. That way, even the carelessness of personnel can’t cause a complete corporate meltdown if a hack occurs.

Manage workloads
There’s no such thing as a system that can do everything. As Enterprise Storage Forum stated, it’s important to think about the workload every solution has to handle and verify that these tools can handle their own demands before considering security options. What’s more, there should be testing and R&D within enterprise operations to ensure that enacted solutions can handle what they’re working with.

Backup tape solutions help offload these demands and create more agile, flexible cloud and digital options. They also provide a layer of security and confidence in business operations that can’t exist in a vanilla data environment.

Work offline
In the end, CIO Online stated, there’s no substitution for an offline backup tape storage option. Creating a restoration point that’s outside the realm of hackers or the influence of malware provides an optimal information environment wherein any threat can be countered with disaster recovery solutions.

Using B&L’s Vertices is the first step toward this kind of enterprise expertise. With single-pane access, tape tracking software and easy recall of essential files, Vertices gives control of backups and system recovery to companies, even when their operations are largely online.

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