Understanding and Preparing for eDiscovery

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Archived Data Manager

Archived Data Manager® is Your Answer to eDiscovery.

Archived Data Manager satisfies many of the requirements of the new federal rules of civil procedure (FRCP). With Archived Data Manager, you'll comply with the new eDiscovery regulations while saving the time and expense of locating necessary files for litigation.

With Archived Data Manager, you can:

  • Easily comply with many of the new FRCP requirements
  • Centralize all of your archived data for quick file searching
  • Quickly search backup tapes down to file level detail
  • Create appropriate retention schedules so data is not kept longer than is required
  • Have electronically stored information readily available for discovery
  • Restore fewer tapes for content indexing by finding the right data first

Cut eDiscovery Costs by 50% or More.

ADM also helps reduce business and legal risks, as well as costs, while staying completely compliant. The ADM solution enables easier retention management so users can keep data only as long as necessary.

Moreover, ADM extracts, consolidates, and centrally indexes all enterprise backup information. The result is a drastic reduction in the number of tapes that need to be restored in the event of an eDiscovery request. Random and expensive eDiscovery searches are replaced by organized searches of smaller sets of information.

Plus, with Archived Data Manager's intuitive interface, your IT and legal departments can work together and resolve issues quickly.

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