Practice makes perfect in disaster recovery planning

By Michael
July 29, 2013

Too often, will organizations encounter a disaster scenario and turn to their backup tape management tools in the event of a disaster, only to find that the resources are not sufficient or available to perform essential restoration. In these cases, companies may be quick to curse tape tools and praise cloud endeavors, but these organizations would likely encounter the same issues no matter how they stored backup data and images. To ensure data protection, companies have to implement adequate backup management solutions.

Protecting against failure
Creating a successful disaster recovery plan requires constant vigilance, adherence and attention to detail. Simply setting down a list of procedures and protocols associated with backing up data isn’t enough. Administrators and IT professionals need to be regularly verifying that plans are being followed and that backup solutions are accurate and thorough.

Storage and Destruction Business Online wrote that it’s also particularly important to ensure that personnel are familiar with how all of these tools work. Businesses need to create clear and concise plans that protect every aspect of the data center, but if the individuals responsible for following these guidelines can’t interpret them correctly, the entire strategy could fall apart before it even can be put to use. Producing a backup tape management and disaster recovery solution that works requires selecting a service that is easy to understand and maintain, so that personnel with various levels of technology prowess will all be able to successfully manipulate the system.

Creating a failsafe
It’s also important that businesses test these backup and recovery options before a real crisis occurs. As the source stated, if companies simply assume that their solutions are working properly, they won’t know something is wrong until it’s too late to fix the problem. Testing backup and recovery options repeatedly is the best protection against a bad scenario. This requires having clear and easy access to tapes and recovery tools no matter where they reside, as well as options for troubleshooting these assets regularly without upsetting everyday backup procedures.

Vertices from B&L is the most likely solution for companies looking to enforce and uphold these kinds of disaster preparedness guidelines. The software allows organizations to review all of their tapes through a web-based portal that provides tiered security for different employees, depending on the level of visibility their jobs require.

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